Cooking Up A Profit

Cooking Up Profit Cooking Up Profit
Arthur Ansel
Global Application Expert Kitchen Care
Sep 30, 2021

On average, restaurants’ labor costs were 31.3% of sales in Q4 2018. And while labor costs rise, it’s also becoming more and more difficult for restaurants to find skilled staff. With many establishments wanting to avoid raising menu prices to accommodate higher wages, it’s necessary to find other ways to manage costs.


The following best practices will help your organization build a culture that values cleanliness:


  1. Create a strong foundation with the “first time right” approach. The “first-time-right” approach is simple; it involves teaching employees to follow standard operating procedures so that they only have to complete them once. If directions aren’t followed, extra labor hours may have to be dedicated to fixing the cleanliness issue. By making your team more productive, you can reduce excess expenses related to labor.
  2. Use the right chemicals and a foolproof system. Having the right chemical and concentration is key when cleaning. Even multi-purpose chemicals need to be used at the proper dilution to ensure the best cleaning performance. To take the guesswork out of chemical measuring and mixing, install closed loop chemical dispensing systems in your restaurant so employees can quickly and easily fill spray bottles and buckets. Not only will this make cleaning more efficient, it will reduce chemical waste and the costs associated with it.
  3. Ensure your dishwashers are operating at peak performance. Dishwashing operations have a big impact on the bottom line. Temperature, time, cleaning product and mechanics need to be in proper balance to reduce rewash, lengthen the lifespan of your machine and limit breakage. Work with a trusted provider to ensure that your machine is operating at peak performance at all times.
  4. Keep necessary products and tools in stock. In order to perform their cleaning duties, your employees need easy access to cleaning products and tools. Regularly check your stock to make sure that essentials like chemicals, color-coded microfiber cloths and spray bottles are in good condition.


To reduce pressure on your profits, the above strategies related to cleaning and hygiene are a good place to start. Not only will refining your approach to cleaning help reduce costs, it will ensure that the restaurant is prioritizing customer health and safety, and in turn will protect your brand image. 


To learn about products and services that will promote cleanliness in your restaurant, contact your Diversey representative.